Laser Tattoo Removal

Here at The Tattooed Arms we appreciate that tattoos can become unwanted for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s something you want lightened before a cover up, or an old tattoo you want completely removed, we can provide a comprehensive and professional laser tattoo removal service in the studio.

   So, if you have been left feeling regretful or outgrown your ink, don’t fret, you no longer have to live with that unwanted tattoo and you don’t have to cover it with another, much larger piece, if you’d rather not.

   Our fully trained technician delivers short pulses of intense light targeted at the tattoo, the light passes through your skin to act directly on the ink which, over a course of treatments, breaks it down into small particles that your immune system removes naturally leaving the surrounding skin completely unharmed while gradually fading the tattoo.

   Bear in mind, there are several factors that impact the success of removal and the number of sessions you may require. These are, the colour of the tattoo, the size, the age, location and type of application. Some will be easier to remove than others and some may require a few more sessions dependant on these factors. Most tattoos can be removed between 4-10 sessions, with six week intervals between each session. The price of each session will vary based on the area being worked on.

The service includes:

• Consultation with test patch (£10), with the first full session two weeks after the test patch.
• Complete tattoo removal or partial removal if required for a cover-up tattoo.
• Accurate, effective treatment from a fully trained professional.
• After care advice (ongoing).

We Now offer carbon face peels,
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